Event coverage

Start-ups are fun and challenging to work with. The  request was for both stills and video with budget constraints. Enter the Panasonic GH5. This camera took on dual roles and did the job admirably. Pairing the right tool with good communications and proper expectations - we got results everyone was happy with .  

A blast from the past. This is the video that started our journey on independent production. And what a fun project it was - taking us from Singapore to Finland and then Vietnam, this 2-parter followed some of MOE’s most innovative teachers as they compete in Microsoft’s MMPDA challenge.  


The Making of A Fantastic Ghost Wedding is mini-documentary series taking a behind-the-scenes look at the 2014 feature film. Commissioned by Scout Pictures, this 3-parter took over a year to complete and was used in overseas promos and as part of their EPK. 

Documentary / Making-of

Story telling is at the core of our craft. We get really excited with projects that allow us to go in-depth and behind-the-scenes. Our aim is to help you get your message across so that it’s real and rewarding for your audience.

Corporate Special Events

The client’s brief was for a fresh approach to covering their 5-day induction program and it had to come in under 8 minutes. The result was a 3-segment series  with this exciting “Amazing Race” style activity becoming the highlight piece.

Its always nice working for a client that has complete faith in what we do. Our client confessed that during the filming, they weren’t quite sure what we were up to but went with our lead anyway. When it all came together, they had their “Aha moment” and were very pleased with the final result.

Corporate Video

Artist Profile / Event

Morgane is a petite French cellist whose ideas about music, food and life are anything but small - just like her cello . We had the privilege of joining her at an ambitious festival performance and this promotional piece is what came out of it.

Supermodelme Season II was a half-hour cable TV series that featured behind-the-scenes/reality web segments running in tandem with the broadcast show. Working closely with NoAverageJoe, this series was so successful that it was incorporated into subsequent seasons of the broadcast show.  

Reality / Behind-the-scenes

After watching this video, the Japanese counterparts of the client was sure that it must been shot on a high-end Cinema Camera. That would have been a little overkill for this series of recruitment/testament videos but still – what a big compliment for us!

Recruitment / Testimonial





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